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Really good animation. I don't see why ppl are rating a low amount of stars oly because u don't share the same opinion as someone else. Honesty ppl, get a grip. Love the animation though and I like the way you have portrayed your thoughts. :D

Some people need to just chill the f*ck out. Great animation dude! :D

I hate it when that happens! Super relateable!

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This game isn't the best. There are quite a few things wrong about this game.

First of all, the colours are terrible. Green blocks with an orange cube and what I could assume is lava. The red is kind of obvious that if you touched the object then you would die or something along those lines.

Secondly, the controls are a little weird and I don't think the jumping works as well as it is intended. I don't know if it's just me or sometimes the jump barely reaches some of the objects you have to get to. Also, when I fell into lava, it took way to long to respawn me back to the beginning. I do like the idea of clinging onto the walls and wall-jumping off of these.

Thirdly, the level design is bland and unappealing. If you added proper land or at least decorated the platforms a little bit more then i could look decent. The background as well in this game is also just a bland colour. No gradients, no background design, nothing. Just an empty void.

Finally, I'm not a massive fan of the song choice but, because I don't like this type of music anyway, this isn't going to contribute to my rating. And also, the front image is misleading and is ripped straight from another game.

Overall, not a very good-looking game, and, to make it better, I personally think the gameplay and colours need tweaking to make this game look and feel good to play.

Fun and entertaining.

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Such a great and funky track! The sound design here is beautiful. Love it!

Dude WTF! This is insane!

This is super groovy!

Hi. I'm a music creator. I like creating electronic music for others to enjoy!


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